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Is Trex Decking Right For You?

If you have considered the benefits of an outdoor living space in your yard, you have probably been picturing a wood deck attached to your home. After doing some research, perhaps you have decided that a wood deck is not right for you, and you have been searching for a high quality alternative. If this sounds familiar, Trex decking may be exactly what you need! 

Trex Decking Example

Wood decks can be beautiful and sturdy, but maintaining them requires investments of time, energy, and money. Trex decking is a low-to-no maintenance alternative that will give you results as dependable and timeless as traditional wooden decks. Keep reading to find out if Trex decking is the right choice for you and your home.

What Is Trex Decking?

Trex Company, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of composite decking materials. Trex decking refers to the composite deck boards made and sold by Trex, instead of wooden and traditional square edge boards, to create the surface of a deck. The quality of composite deck boards made by Trex is comparable to that of wooden deck boards in virtually every way, but they have the added benefit of requiring little to no maintenance.

Trex deck boards are made from 95% recycled materials, which primarily include sawdust, reclaimed wood, and plastic film. These recycled materials are treated and pressed together to create strong and long-lasting deck boards that, unlike wood, will not rot, warp, or splinter over time. The wood-looking finish of Trex deck boards gives you the classic grain and deck appearance you have always dreamed of, and you can spend more time enjoying and less time repairing.

Best Uses For Composite Boards

Building a Trex Deck from the start

While many woods and plastics can be incorporated in the structural makeup of decks, Trex composite decking should be used only for creating a walking surface when constructing a deck. Since creating a quality walking surface is the primary function of Trex decking, much effort has gone into perfecting the look and feel of Trex deck boards. 


The grain of wood boards is a cosmetic feature that many people desire when designing and building a deck. Trex has a variety of composite board types to choose from, most of which are designed to replicate the appearance of a wood grain. Composite decking boards made by Trex are also resilient against spills and stains, as well as harmful effects from the sun and other environmental factors. 


Trex decking is highly water resistant and performs well when faced with the natural elements, which is why customers prefer to use Trex for many of their outdoor projects. Trex composite decking is a great choice for docks on the water because of its smooth surface and its tolerance to water and heat. In fact, composite deck boards by Trex can be used/repurposed for a number of different projects, including construction of the following:

  • Decks
  • Docks
  • Benches
  • Chairs
  • Walkways
  • Shelves
  • Birdhouses
  • Much more!

Is Trex Decking Affordable?

Trex decking is very affordable, especially when you factor in the money you will save on maintenance costs as compared to wood decking. When it comes to the highest quality Trex deck boards, initial costs will be slightly higher than wood. However, Trex offers several product lines to fit all financial and functional needs, with basic products starting at prices lower than many woods. 


Building a deck or dock is an investment, and the costs associated with purchasing Trex decking should be viewed as such. Even the sturdiest woods will eventually be susceptible to damage that will not affect Trex decking, such as mold and mildew, water damage, heat damage, termites, and more. As that damage begins to take its toll on wood decking, repairs must be promptly completed before the damage becomes permanent and the boards need replacing. Those repairs will be costly, and this type of maintenance will become a routine if you want to have a safe and strong wood deck. 


When you install Trex decking, your costs essentially begin and end with installation. Choosing Trex decking means you will not have to worry about paying to repair protruding nails, warped boards, splinters and cracks, termite damage, and many other problems that can affect wooden decks. While neighbors are pouring out dollars and sweat as they try to keep up with maintenance needs, you can just lie back and enjoy your smooth, hassle-free Trex deck.

Trex Decking Vs. Other Decking

To be clear, wood and plastic are not “bad” materials to use when constructing a deck. Some people love the classic look and feel of hardwood and would never consider an alternative, even if that means more money and energy spent on maintenance. Trex decking is for those who want a low maintenance deck that will still be able to impress friends and neighbors. See below for a comparison between Trex composite decking and other other deck materials.

red Trex decking

Composite Decking Material

Wood Decking Material

  • Comes in a variety of colors that will not fade
  • Hidden fasteners and grooved edge boards create a seamless, smooth walking surface
  • Coating on Trex boards is spill proof and will not absorb liquids, meaning easier cleanup

  • Trex decking is designed to deter insects that could damage your deck and home

  • Production methods are are highly eco-friendly and heavily involve recycling efforts

  • Mold and mildew proof decking boards is a cornerstone of Trex


  • Needs to be painted or stained seasonally

  • Nails used for construction can be dangerous and start to protrude as wood warps

  • Certain woods stain easily and absorb moisture, which damages the wood

  • Termites and other bugs love wooden structures and will try to invade

  • Woods are naturally vulnerable to mold and decay



Is Trex Environmentally Friendly?

Not only is a Trex deck a good choice for your wallet, it is the best option for anyone who is concerned about recycling and the environment. Trex is one of the leading plastic recyclers in the United States and across all manufacturing fields. When that plastic is combined with all of the reclaimed wood, Trex is repurposing over 800 million pounds of recycled material per year!

The Trex company has won several environmental awards for its eco-conscious practices and products, so you can have a clear conscience and a clean planet when you go with a Trex deck!

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the eco-friendly efforts of Trex decking:


Q: Are Trex composite boards really 95% recycled?

A: Absolutely! Trex is the first company in its field to attain such a high percentage of recycled material, and we are proud to carry Trex products!

Q: Where does Trex get its plastic materials?

A: There is an abundance of polyethylene bags and films in the world, and Trex has set up programs by which it can collect these plastics. Trex has volunteer recycling programs and drop-off locations, and the company purchases returned customer bags from major retailers.

Q: Does Trex chop down trees for wood?

A: The wood used in Trex decking is used/reclaimed wood and sawdust. Wood found in Trex decking may have been removed from a landfill or a factory floor. In fact, Trex has never caused a single tree to be cut down in order to make deck boards.

Q: Are all of Trex’s manufacturing practices green?

A: Of course! Trex is committed to eco-friendly production methods. The processes implemented by the company eliminate a need for smokestacks, and Trex even uses vegetable-based oil hydraulics.

Trex Decking With Deck Masters

Here at Deck Masters, our goal is to provide you with only the highest quality decks and docks, and that all starts with using the best materials for the job. It may sound unrealistic to expect a deck building company to give you premium, long-lasting results that involve no maintenance, but that is exactly what you will get with a Trex deck built by Deck Masters! 


The Trex materials we carry generally have a lifespan between 30 and 50 years. All other materials would require occasional, if not frequent, maintenance in order to last up to 50 years. With our expert installers and industry-leading craftsmanship, you can rest assured that you will get the longest-lasting results for this new addition to your home. We will build it, and all you ever have to do is enjoy it!

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