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10 Benefits Of Adding A Deck To Your Home

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A deck is part of your home, not just part of your yard. Whether you like to host large gatherings or you prefer to curl up alone with a good book, a deck is the perfect place to live your best life.

With so many materials and options available to properties of any size, the benefits of adding a deck to your home are too numerous to mention… but we gave it a shot anyway!

1) Aesthetic Appeal

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When you see a house with a gorgeous, elaborate deck next to a house that does not have a deck, the latter tends to appear incomplete or lacking. Adding a deck onto the back of your home is like putting the finishing touches on the house’s aesthetic. With a deck, you can arrange furniture and décor in a way that shows off your interior design skills to the outside world, including the neighbors!

2) Outdoor Entertainment Space

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The functional benefits of a deck can not be underestimated, as functionality is the real reason to build one in the first place. Instead of just putting out a few lawn chairs in your yard and calling it a party, you can actually have an outdoor party room when you build a deck! Decks with handrails and balusters form walls that are great for hanging banners, streamers, or any other kind of decoration. 

The hard and sturdy surface of a professionally installed deck is perfect for dancing or playing games while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. If you love to entertain friends and family but you hate feeling cooped-up inside, decks are the way to go!

3) Increased Home Value

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Increasing property value is a benefit of having a deck that you will be thankful for when it’s time to sell your home! Homebuyers want the best bang for their buck, and that is exactly what you get when you install a deck in your backyard. Decks are a major selling point of homes because they expand livable space, provide better views, and look beautiful.

There are many different materials, finishes, and configurations you can utilize when building a deck. Selecting a specific type of wood or color, for example, can help you highlight certain features of your home or yard. With only a little maintenance, you can keep your home beautiful and more valuable for years to come.

4) Affordable Home Addition

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Home construction can get expensive quickly, and people often find themselves in financial straits after starting renovations. Luckily, decks provide a very affordable option for building an addition onto your house. The average cost of constructing an addition to a 2,000 square foot home is anywhere between $80 and $200 per square foot. 

When this price is compared to the average cost of building a deck, roughly $30 to $40 per square foot, it is not hard to see why people choose decks instead of indoor rooms when making additions. Many people view their decks as an extended kitchen or dining area, where they can flow seamlessly from cooking indoors to serving guests outdoors. Once you start looking at a deck as an extension of your home, the benefits and possibilities are endless!

5) Scenic Views

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There is a reason you see so many decks in Anchorage and all over Alaska. With so much natural beauty, who wouldn’t want a comfortable space where they can relax and take in all the splendor? Decks provide the perfect environment for experiencing nature the way it should be experienced, with you right in the middle of it! Instead of gazing out of a hazy window while breathing recycled air, decks allow you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors while still enjoying some comforts of the indoors. 

The views granted by a raised or two-level deck can never be overlooked, and anyone fortunate enough to have a beautiful landscape or waterfront view will tell you the same. Raised decks provide a wider panoramic view of your surroundings in a way that can not be duplicated on flat land. Adding a deck onto your home helps you see the world around you in full view.

6) Fits All Terrain

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One of the most convenient things about deck building is the fact that decks can exist on basically any type of terrain. Deck frames are raised up off the ground level by support posts or columns. There can be posts of different lengths supporting the same deck frame, which makes uneven terrain a non-issue for decks. Flat yard features like patios or gazebos may look nice, but a lot of work is often required to level the ground for these features. Decks can be built quickly and efficiently no matter what your yard looks like. 

7) Protection From Wildlife

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Having a bit of space between the doors to your home and the outside world can help put your mind at ease when it gets dark and quiet. If you live anywhere near a heavy concentration of wildlife, it is never a bad thing to deter dangerous animals from walking up to your doors and windows. Though a deck is by no means a secure barrier to your house, a raised deck can provide just enough of an obstacle for a scared or hungry animal to lose interest in your property and move along.

8) Customizable Options

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Decks really do come in all shapes and sizes, and you can pick whatever works best for the home aesthetic you want to create. Composite boards and plastic options can help create a more contemporary look in your yard, while natural wood or pressure-treated boards can be used for the more traditional and rustic appearance. With the wide variety of stains, finishes, and configurations on top of all the different materials you can pick from, you will find that deck building is much more customizable than you ever thought possible. 

9) Less Lawn Care

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Less grass means less lawn care. When you replace a portion of your lawn for the foundation of your deck, you will spend less time mowing and pulling weeds. You may also notice improvements to your lawn once your new deck is built and starts getting used more often. Heavy foot traffic, outdoor furniture, and other objects kill grass over time. Spending more time on a deck means less stress for your turf!

10) Low Maintenance

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People sometimes don’t believe that decks are a low maintenance option for their yards, but it’s true! Certain types of lumber require a new stain or finish only every two years or so, and that is all the maintenance needed to extend and preserve the life of many decks. Other options, like a composite deck, are virtually zero maintenance, meaning less time working and more time relaxing. No matter how you look at it, decks just make life better!

If you really want to maximize the relaxation time, be sure to call Deck Masters for all your deck building needs in Anchorage. We will get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can start living the deck life as soon as possible. Call (907) 782-4043 now to discover the difference a deck makes!

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